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Recharge and relax with our original technique, Yuki Japanese Head Spa.

What is the "Head Spa"?

There are two types of head spas – dry type and wet type.
Dry Head Spa: A massage without using shampoo, which helps to relieve tension in the scalp and shoulders.
Wet Head Spa: Using shampoo and treatments to care for both the scalp and hair, while also providing a relaxing effect.
What we offer

At our salon, YUKI Japanese Head Spa, we take pride in offering our exclusive and unique Wet Head Spa and Dry Head Spa services tailored to your specific hair care needs. These two options, which can be chosen based on the condition of your hair, offer distinct approaches to hair and scalp care.

The Wet Head Spa incorporates our specialized techniques to deeply cleanse and hydrate the scalp and hair, providing a rejuvenating experience. However, for hair that is severely damaged, wetting it could potentially cause further harm. In such cases, our Dry Head Spa comes to the rescue. This method offers exceptional care without wetting the hair, promoting the health of the scalp and hair while protecting damaged strands.

Both spa types operate under our firm belief that mastering the proper shampooing technique is key to maintaining beautiful and healthy hair. As experienced hairstylists, we understand the importance of shampooing deeply, and we are committed to helping our customers learn the correct and beneficial shampooing method.

We warmly invite you to immerse yourself in the exclusive and unique world of YUKI Japanese Head Spa, where you will discover the optimal and innovative way to care for your precious hair.

Beyond Head Spa: Elevate Your Experience with Face and Body Care.

In addition to our Head Spa services, we also offer optional Face and Body care treatments. We are constantly striving to create new and exciting menu options that will bring joy to both your mind and body. Your feedback and requests are invaluable to us as we embark on new ventures. We value your voice and it serves as our inspiration. With a shared goal of providing ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation, we are dedicated to continuously improving our services. We invite you to share your requests and ideas, as they will shape our journey in delivering a truly captivating spa experience for you.


Refreshment & Soothing
Promotes relaxation for the mind and body, helping to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.
Traditional techniques + modern comfort
This approach provides traditional Japanese techniques with modern comfort, creating a unique experience that blends old and new.
Healthy scalp & hair
This is an approach that aims for a healthy scalp and hair.

Our Team

Our staff prioritizes teamwork and maintains consistent high-quality services for client reassurance. Sakura ,Hitomi and Kazue customize treatments for each individual’s needs, ensuring a blissful healing experience at Spa Therapists

Our Products

We prioritize our customers’ hair and scalp health by offering products made with natural ingredients. Minimizing chemical treatments, we use safe and carefully selected products to enhance natural beauty.

Got some questions or concerns?

Visit our FAQ page for comprehensive information regarding our service menus and important considerations to be aware of prior to receiving our services.