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Our salon offers specialized scalp and hair care treatments in a relaxing atmosphere with soothing music and aromatherapy. Choose from our premium, elegant, essential, or deep cleansing courses to experience the perfect treatment tailored to your individual needs.

Gift Vouchers

We offer gift vouchers for our head spa services, which can be used for special occasions or as presents.
By purchasing a voucher, you enjoy exclusive discounts and benefits, available for online purchase.
A head spa gift voucher provides an opportunity to escape routines, relax, and rejuvenate, enhancing its value.
Share blissful moments with loved ones and create heartwarming memories. We look forward to welcoming you!

Shampoo & Essential Oils

In all of our head spa menus, shampoo is a crucial item. Particularly, we use Italian-made Davines products, all of which are made from naturally derived ingredients. Not only do they protect the scalp and hair, but their use also ensures environmentally friendly and gentle care for the body. These naturally derived products form the core value of our head spa services.

  • Shampoos
  • Essential Oils

Davines shampoos offer a gentle cleanse, nourishing the scalp and hair. They're renowned for superior quality and natural approach, resulting in healthy, radiant hair.

Davines' Mild Shampoo reflects the brand's philosophy of committing to sustainable and ethical product development.

Recommended when you want to calm down or relax.
Perfect for a day when you want to balance refreshment and relaxation.

Recommended when you want to enjoy a romantic, elegant mood.

A fresh aroma that is most suitable when you want to refresh.
Recommended when you want to enjoy a feminine mood.
Perfect for a day when you want to feel clear.

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 Refresh Head Spa!!

Total Renewal Spa Experience: Hair, Facial, Neck, and Body(option)

"This menu offers a Deep Cooling Treatment, Aroma Steam Head Spa, Premium Hair Care, and a total massage experience for the face, neck, shoulders, and head. Additionally, you can opt for a full-body massage as an option.$330


The '10-Step Head Spa' is a specialized program designed for comprehensive care of the scalp and hair. Here's a brief overview of its steps

"Sequence and extras vary by menu.")

10 Step Head Spa ; "For those who simply must give it a try!"

10 STEP HEAD SPA" is a treatment for those wanting to experience its benefits firsthand.>>$160

  1. Scalp check / Consultation
  2. Stretching
  3. Towel Bath
  4. Revitalizing Scalp Oil Massage
  5. Revitalizing Scalp Spa Massage
  6. Tailored Shampoo
  7. Aroma Steam Treatment
  8. Scalp Essence
  9. Drink Service 
  10. Simple Dry-off
7 Step Head Spa ; Service Beyond a Shampoo Set.

"Utilizing scalp essence and a final check, we provide meticulous finishing, replenishing essential nutrients to both hair and scalp. This 7-step head spa transcends a typical shampoo, aiming to elevate scalp and hair health. Relax and enjoy the exquisite finish..>>$150

  1. Scalp check / consultation
  2. Stretching
  3. Revitalizing Scalp Spa Massage
  4. Towel Bath
  5. Tailored Shampoo
  6. Aroma Steam Treatment
  7. Professional Touch: (The final step for a refined finish, enhancing it further with styling tools like straighteners or curling irons.”)
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Face & Body

"Face & Body Therapy: Relax and rejuvenate with the power of hand massage and dry needling. Experience the benefits of traditional Japanese treatment, as we restore harmony to your mind and body."

Dry Head Spa + Dry needle therapy $150

By combining Dry Needle and Dry Head Spa, you can experience not only lifting and firming effects, but also enhanced skin radiance. Head Spa helps release tension in the head, promoting a more relaxed state. This leads to a sense of beauty and tranquility. Additionally, Dry Head Spa can be enjoyed without wetting the hair, allowing for a convenient and accessible experience.

Dry Needle Therapy (1 session) $60

Eligible for Health Fund Rebate. 

Dry needle therapy + Massage 60mins $120

A unique blend of dry needling and massage to address pain and tension. Dry needling targets trigger points to alleviate discomfort, followed by a relaxing massage to improve blood circulation. Ideal for those with chronic muscle issues. Experience dual benefits in this 60-minute session.

Relaxation Massage 30mins $55

 A massage focused on stress relief and relaxation. Not eligible for health insurance coverage.