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Herbal Hair Infusions:

Our New Salon Treatment, Tailored To Your Hair

Our most personalised range of Naturaltech treatments has just hit the salons and we can’t wait to tell you all about how they can be tailored to provide instant results for your unique hair care challenges.

Your hair is as unique as you are – and so are the challenges you face in keeping it healthy and vibrant. That’s why we’ve created Naturaltech Tailoring – an exclusive in-salon treatment range that is customisable to your hair. Not only does it deliver results instantly, with no processing time, it’s also as good for the environment as it is for your hair. Each of the 24 possible hair infusions feature a natural active ingredient, studied at the Davines Scientific Garden in Parma and grown in Italy according to the principles of Regenerative Organic Agriculture.

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Oil Rebalancing Shampoo
Shine, soothing, purifying normalizing and rebalancing formula for problems of excess sebum production. It fights against sebum hyper-production and keeps the scalp clean.

Treat current conditions, or prepare and protect

Naturaltech products are designed to offer specific treatments in the salon and at home, able to support the improvement of the
main scalp and hair conditions.

Hair and scalp concerns such as dandruff or hair loss need to be treated directly — using Naturaltech gives you a kind of "prescription" haircare designed to support and prevent these issues and help prevent their return.

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