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Comprehensive Spa Salon

Comprehensive spa salon that offers not only head spa treatments but also body and facial treatments. It provides a holistic approach to relaxation and beauty, catering to the diverse needs of our clients.

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Head Spa



"A holistic spa for refreshing and beautifying the mind and body."

  • Diverse Services: Offers a wide range of services, including head spa, body massages, and facial treatments.
  • Customized Care: Provides personalized treatments tailored to each client's needs and preferences.
  • Relaxing Environment: A soothing space where clients can relax and rejuvenate, leaving their daily stresses behind.


Head Spa Menu

Deep Cleansing For Scalp $240

Deep cleansing is crucial for several reasons: it promotes scalp health by eliminating excess sebum and impurities, allowing subsequent essences and treatments to penetrate hair and scalp easily. Removing dirt and residues makes the hair lighter and enhances volume.

1 hr 30 min


Simply Relax Your Mind $160

Focusing on scalp health.
10 Step Head Spa

  1. Scalp check / Consultation
  2. Stretching
  3. Towel Bath
  4. Revitalizing Scalp Oil Massage
  5. Revitalizing Scalp Spa Massage
  6. Tailored Shampoo
  7. Aroma Steam Treatment
  8. Scalp Essence
  9. Drink Service
  10. Simple Dry-off

1 hr

Head Spa & Body

Premium Head Spa, Hair Care, and a total massage experience

Total Renewal Spa Experience $400

Premium Head Spa, Hair Care, and a total massage experience.
Facial, shoulder, neck, full body combination and head spa.

2 hr 30min

Ultimate Relaxation Journey $320

Combination head spa, facial, shoulder and neck

1 hr 40min


Elegant Hair & Facial Deluxe $280

Head spa, Glossy shine treatments and Facial massage

1hr 30min

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Face & Body

"Face & Body Therapy: Relax and rejuvenate with the power of hand massage and dry needling. Experience the benefits of traditional Japanese treatment, as we restore harmony to your mind and body."

Dry Head Spa + Dry needle therapy $150

By combining Dry Needle and Dry Head Spa, you can experience not only lifting and firming effects, but also enhanced skin radiance. Head Spa helps release tension in the head, promoting a more relaxed state. This leads to a sense of beauty and tranquility. Additionally, Dry Head Spa can be enjoyed without wetting the hair, allowing for a convenient and accessible experience.

Dry Needle Therapy $60

Eligible for Health Fund Rebate.
Incl. 1 session

Dry needle therapy + Massage $120

A unique blend of dry needling and massage to address pain and tension. Dry needling targets trigger points to alleviate discomfort, followed by a relaxing massage to improve blood circulation. Ideal for those with chronic muscle issues. Experience dual benefits in this session.


Relaxation Massage $55

 A massage focused on stress relief and relaxation. Not eligible for health insurance coverage.


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