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Relax and Detox - Refresh Your Mind and Body


Mon to Sun

Located in Freedom
Suites WEST END 391 Montague Rd, West End QLD 4101

Mon to Sun

Located in Freedom
Suites WEST END 391 Montague Rd, West End QLD 4101

What is the "Head Spa" ?

“YUKI Japanese Head Spa” offers a unique 10-step method tailored for comprehensive care of the scalp and hair. Here’s a concise overview of the procedure (“Please note that the sequence and additional services may vary depending on the menu.”):

                    10-Step head Spa

  1. Scalp check / Consultation
  2. Stretching
  3. Towel Bath
  4. Revitalizing Scalp Oil Massage
  5. Revitalizing Scalp Spa Massage
  6. Tailored Shampoo
  7. Aroma Steam Treatment
  8. Scalp Essence
  9. Drink Service 
  10. Simple Dry-off

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Service Menu

  • Head Spa
  • Head Spa &Body
  • Face & Body Care
We offer individual care for your scalp and hair. Achieve beauty and health through deep cleansing and special hair care. Choose the care that suits your needs.
Refresh Head Spa: Escape from a hectic day and experience relaxation. Our soothing massage refreshes your mind and body, offering a gentle retreat from stress.
"Unleash the Ultimate Spa Experience: Beyond Head Spa - Discover Face, Body, and Dry Needling Therapy"

Sustainable Beauty Manifesto

At YUKI Japanese Head Spa we place a strong emphasis on the safety and well-being of your scalp and hair, and we prioritize a natural and sustainable approach to beauty. That’s why we have carefully chosen Davines as our exclusive product line. Davines, an acclaimed Italian hair care brand, is renowned for its professional-grade, eco-friendly products.


Our New Salon Treatment

Our Naturaltech treatments are customized to address individual hair care needs, delivering instant results. Hair is unique, and its challenges vary. Naturaltech Tailoring, an in-salon treatment range, adapts to specific needs without processing time. Each of the 24 hair infusions contains natural active ingredients studied at Davines Scientific Garden in Parma and grown in Italy following Regenerative Organic Agriculture principles. We believe in effective solutions that respect the environment while catering to your unique hair.


Head Spa &Aroma Steam Treatment

Japanese Head Spa for Hair and scalp provides a unique service focusing on the care and relaxation of the scalp and hair. Student 20% OFF( Please bring your student ID)

Total Renewal Spa Experience: Hair, Facial, Neck, and shoulder

This menu offers a Deep Cooling Treatment, Aroma Steam Head Spa, Premium Hair Care, and a total massage experience for the face, neck, shoulders, and head.

10 Step Head Spa ; "For those who simply must give it a try!

10 STEP HEAD SPA" is a treatment for those wanting to experience its benefits firsthand.

7 Step Head Spa ; Service Beyond a Shampoo

"Utilizing scalp essence and a final check, we provide meticulous finishing, replenishing essential nutrients to both hair and scalp. This 7-step head spa transcends a typical shampoo, aiming to elevate scalp and hair health. Relax and enjoy the exquisite finish. 

“We ensure a luxurious experience by providing each guest with their own exclusive space. We do not offer treatments for two people simultaneously.”

Hello, I’m Nana I’m excited to provide you with a heartfelt treatment. Please feel free to share any concerns you may have about your scalp, hair condition, allergies, dryness, or anything else that’s on your mind. On the day of your treatment, I’ll tailor the experience to meet your specific needs and ensure you have a fantastic time.